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Sep. 24, 2015

Throne Of the Beheaded - Silenced Slit Throat (Track Review)

by Kenzer Avis

Upcoming San Antonio Deathcore band, Throne of the Beheaded, released a single off of their upcoming album "Severed Ties" entitled "silenced slit throat" last week and have asked DCG to review it. Let's begin shall we? The song starts with a very metalcore like riff and immediately kicks into action with the rest of the band. The guitar work in the track is nothing incredible and repeats for most of the song with minor variations, making it somewhat mundane and bland. However near the end there is a lead section that I found oh so tasty. Vocally, once again, nothing groundbreaking. Mostly lows throughout the song with very few moments that let you appreciate the instruments underneath. Id like to hear more high screams in the rest of the album as the ONE in this track is absolutely sick. unfortunately we see a pattern in the musicianship of repetition and few variations when we get to the drums as well. In can't say much for the bass but I'm assuming it follows the "if it ain't broke repeat the fuck out of it" formula. Oh... And breakdown sample. All criticism aside the track is decent, and the run time (3:50) is just enough to satisfy me. It's definitely not for the nitpicky Deathcore fan but perfect for the casual core fan. 6/10 and high hopes for "Severed Ties".